Responding to the Poverty Reduction Strategy: Resource Kit

This resource kit was designed to help  networks respond to the release of Ontario’s second five-year Poverty Reduction Strategy for 2014-2018.

The key messages and materials included are based on feedback from partners who attended the March 19th joint meeting of Ontario Campaign 2000 partners and the 25in5 Network for Poverty Reduction.

Please download and share widely>>

The kit includes:

  • Key Messages
  • Resources to Help You Respond
  • Responding Through the Media
  • Write a Media Release
  • Write an Op Ed
  • Write a Letter to the Editor
  • Responding Through Social Media
  • Create or Share an Infographic
  • Tweet, Post and Share Reactions
  • Host a Community Meeting or Discussion
  • Call, Visit and Write Your MPP to Share your Feedback
  • Five Steps to Meeting with your MPP
  • Organize a Rally, Demonstration or Creative Action
  • Organize an All-Candidates Meeting on Poverty Issues

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