Five Priorities for Ontario’s Next Poverty Reduction Strategy

Ontario’s first five-year Poverty Reduction Strategy is quickly coming to an end. The 2008 Poverty Reduction Strategy marked a bold and historic move in our province. It opened the door for action and showcased a commitment to begin making progress towards the elimination of poverty.

It’s now time to take bolder steps that can make a real difference toward eradicating poverty for all Ontarians.

This summer, the Ontario government will begin developing Ontario’s second Poverty Reduction Strategy, for 2014-2018, with public meetings across the province. 25in5 has identified Five Priorities for Ontario’s next Poverty Reduction Strategy that the government will need to hear:

Bold poverty reduction targets, for adults as well as children and for those living in the deepest poverty;
A comprehensive action agenda of strong policy measures;
A plan to ensure sufficient public revenues to make the required investments;
Instruments to ensure a high standard of accountability on progress; and,
Strategic, dedicated investments in every budget.

By working together to organize community events and encourage public input, we all helped to put poverty reduction on the agenda in 2008. Let’s keep up this momentum and continue to speak out with strong voices. Together, our vision of an Ontario without poverty and inequality – an Ontario that actively promotes equity and social inclusion – can be made a reality.


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