Ontario Budget 2013

Ontario’s next budget will be announced very soon. As we near the end of Ontario’s first five-year poverty reduction strategy, this budget is an opportunity for Premier Wynne and her new government – as well as the Opposition parties – to meet their joint commitment to reduce poverty in Ontario.

In 2008, Ontario made a bold commitment to reduce child and family poverty by 25% by the end of 2013. All parties supported this move. The deadline is coming quickly. Ontario can be the first province to set – and meet – a poverty reduction target by investing in the well-being of low-income Ontarians in this year’s budget.

Meeting the target requires more than token gestures – it requires specific, targeted investments in Ontario’s most vulnerable people.

25 in 5’s submission to the province’s pre-budget consultations urges all parties to put fairness back in the budget and allow low-income Ontarians to Earn More, Keep More and Restore Incomes.

What can you do?