Five Tests For Success of Ontario’s Poverty Reduction Strategy

The Ontario government has committed to announcing a Poverty
Reduction Strategy (PRS) by December 2008.

Ontarians welcome the Premier’s leadership on poverty reduction – consultations across the province and a new national poll show overwhelming support in Ontario for action on poverty reduction, especially in tough economic times.

Now is the time to act. An economic crisis is no excuse to abandon the fight against poverty. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Action to reduce poverty is the stimulus we need to weather the economic storm: we can boost consumer spending in local economies, invest in infrastructure to stimulate jobs, and ensure that all hands are on deck to pull us through.

We owe it to each other. As Ontarians face job losses, reductions in hours of work, and other financial stresses, now is the time to step up for families. At the end of the day, we can invest now or pay much more later. We can invest in Ontarians and ensure everyone is at their best today or we can look forward to increased health care and social service costs.

Poverty reduction starts with a plan. That plan is within our reach. And we must act on it now.

Download the Five Tests For Success of Ontario’s Poverty Reduction Strategy and learn how 25 in 5 tests the success of the government’s poverty reduction strategy (pdf).